Our Garden Science Experiment – stage one

On Thursday we went to the garden to learn about flower cells. We also did an experiment on flowers. First, we predicted. We predicted that the food dye would change the colour of the petals or that the petals will fall off. We predicted that the flowers would change colour in 7 days, 5 hours, or some thought straight away.

After that we filled a bottle up half way with water. Each group decided on a colour to dye the water. One of the groups chose red and one group chose purple. We went ahead and put the dye and then the flower. Nothing happend so we went and had a look around the garden. It has been 1 day and the flower has had a slight change. Here is a picture:




Queensland beautiful one day perfect the next


Its so beautiful waking up in fabulous Queensland.

Everyday  my mum and I would go  for a walk on the beach and later my dad, my brother, my cousins Isaac and Daniel and also my aunty Wizy and my uncle Brett would come later and we would stay down there  swimming for a about 3 hours.

After we would all go back to my cousins hotel room for lunch, That’s pretty much all we did for the rest of the week apart from when we went to the theme parks.

🙂  I LOVED IT   🙂

By Ciara

In Search of ………

Just as the car went past I knew it was the place the largest cactus and succulent collection in Geelong! As I walked in I started looking for cacti and it wasn’t long before I found about ten. I only had my eye out for one type though a Turks cap cactus. After a while I had found it a Turks cap cactus! After I got it My dad and I went back to Anglesa

by Inigo