Today, robots are used for all sorts of tasks in a wide variety of industries. Some robots vacuum floors and mow lawns, while others help to build cars in large factories.Robots are used in many ways to learn more about space. In years to come scientists will have developed more and more robots, maybe even to help us around the house. Do you think robots can think for themselves or can they only do what they are programmed to do ? This little video will make you ask yourself the question -DO ROBOTS WONDER ?
Enjoy – but don’t forget to tell us what you think.

Artist Study – Vincent van Gogh

Because we have been learning about space we thought we would look at some very famous paintings of the stars. We chose van Goghs painting Starry Starry night.Van Gogh was Dutch and remained in the Netherlands from his birth in 1853 until 1886 when he moved to Paris.During his early life, van Gogh tried a lot of professions. He worked as an art dealer, a teacher, a bookseller, a minister’s assistant, and a missionary before he became an artist.
Lucky for us he followed his passion for painting.
We used dry pastel and tried to make our own Starry, Starry night . What do you think ?

Starry Starry Night by 3/4DC- with a little help from Vincent on PhotoPeach

Rocket Launch

We have been so lucky over the last few weeks to have two wonderful students from Monash University who come to our school and teach us all about Space and Rockets.
With Sarah and Dave , we have talked about gravity and force and how these things are important for us – especially if we were thinking about going into space .
We made balloon rockets , then in groups made a water rocket that we would launch into space – or as far as it would go . We had to think about lots of things like shape size and how much water to put in . Its tough being an engineer !
We launched our rockets three times, each time measuring the time it spent in the air and with a trundle wheel, the distance it travelled from the launch pad . Results were interesting .

Watch us hard at work.
Our Rocket Launch on PhotoPeach

Our Trip to Scienceworks

We left early for our adventure – it’s a long way from Blackburn! We travelled down lots of roads, through a tunnel and over a L O N G bridge to get there . Once we arrived we couldn’t wait to get into the Planetarium . It was great !
The day went past so quickly – so much to see , so much to do .
Look at the photos and see how busy we were.

Our Trip To Scienceworks on PhotoPeach