Tom Roberts- Shearing the Rams

Tom Roberts – Shearing the Rams:

I chose to do Tom Roberts. In spring 1888, Tom Roberts arranged with the family of his sister-in-law, the Andersons, to visit this area. Mr. Alexander Anderson, a key figure in Corowa, was an owner of Brocklesby Station, some 64,000 acres (25,000 hectares) near Corowa. During shearing, he made 70 to 80 sketches in and around the station woolshed 16km from Corowa (on a property now known as Killeneen). During autumn and winter, he returned to his studio and did portrait paintings to finance his trips. In spring 1889, he set up his canvas and pad in the shed and as models, “the most characteristic and picturesque of the shearers and rouseabouts”..He completed it in May 1890 and sold it for 350 guineas ($735) to Edward Trenchard who had a pastoral company inCollins   Street,Melbourne.

Tom Roberts made sketches and did them in oils. Tom normally does Australian landscape and portraits how ever, this is an interior (inside the shed).

I like the art because it shows lots of busy things in it so there are heaps of things to look at. I also like the colors in the picture and the fact that it happened 100 years ago.

I think that Tom has done a wonderful job. By: Maddy


Mary  Ann Bugg

I chose Mary. Mary has two names Mary Ann Bugg/Louisa Maison. This is because when her husband [Captain Thunderbolt] went to jail she changed her name and got a job near her husband. A crime she committed was stealing from a a shop. But mostly she just protected her husband and took bullets for him. She married Captain Thunderbolt and had five  children. Her mum was  Aboriginal and her dad was British. Her mum taught her how to survive in the bush and find food. That was a real help to Captain Thunderbolt and his gang. Once she cut her husband out of jail. There was no reward for her there for her husband and gang. Mary and Captain Thunderbolt tried to spend as much time as they could with there children James, John, Mary Jane, Patrick Christopher and the youngest Ellen. That is my facts about Mary Ann Bugg.

By Lorelei

4 thoughts on “Tom Roberts- Shearing the Rams

  1. Dear Maddy,
    Love Love Love Love your artist great choice.
    I think Tom’s artwork is very detailed.
    I think you chose the best picture from him.
    From HeatherD 3/4DC

  2. Dear Maddy,
    I enjoyed reading about Tom Roberts. I found it interesting how he did an interior painting rather than landscapes. I like how when you look at the painting you could imagine yourself there. His details with painting the floors & wood posts is cool. From Ebony

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