The Stars Are Out Tonight

On Monday night all the stars of St Thomas’ came out for the school concert.
We had been practicing for weeks , finally the night had arrived.

Boom!  boom! as my heart raced, I slowly walked on the stage- the lights went on and the music started.      Ebony

“Everyone be quiet” said Mrs Cosgrave. “We are backstage , so that means the audience can hear us!” We all quickly put on our costumes and walked into the greenroom. Chatter boomed through out  the medium sized room. “We’ll be on in a couple of  seconds, so behave “. The 1 /2 s walked off the stage  and Tom Cruise came on to introduce us. “And the winner is …….Shrek” He walked off the stage as Mrs Cosgarve wished us luck. We walked onto the stage – “hit the lights’ called Mrs Riddiford “play the music “. The song played as we danced. We sang happily and danced like there was no tomorrow. We finished as the crowd applauded. We walked off stage and into our seats. “You were great!” exclaimed Mrs Cosgrave. I smiled as we all started talking again. By Alex

Yesterday the school concert was on and the whole school and parents were there. My favourite part was at the end when the teachers did a dance to THRILLER. It was a bit scary at the start but once I knew it was the teachers I was feeling okay. When it came to our classes’ turn, I was feeling SUPER nervouse. It felt like my heart was going to explode but when I was on stage I felt like a super star. By Olivia

Shhhh! be quiet! we’re back stage! Hello, I’m really excited because we are just about to go on stage! Now we have just made our way onto the stage. I’m really scared. I see hundreds of people. Now the music starts and I start dancing. I felt much more confident after a while. For some reason I CAN’T STOP SMILING! I find that annoying but I still had fun.
By Alessandra

Heart is pounding. The music starts, we start singing and dancing. We’re finished. The crowd starts clapping. Wow! it was not as hard as I thought. Well, I’m glad that it is done. It was FUN! By Heather

Bang, bang, bang! Music booms! I was so excited for the concert. At least our class performance came last. I loved the teachers. They did “Thriller”. Everyone screamed, some even stood on the chairs because they were dressed as zombies, monsters and ghosts. I was one of the dwarfs. I looked so funny. By Calista

Shrek- The Concert on PhotoPeach