Persuasive Writing

We have been talking about Persuasive writing and how some writers try to convince us to agree with their opinions.
We have read lots of story books where the characters are very persuasive ,but one of our favourite character  is a little Blue Pigeon.
He wants to do all sorts of things like drive a bus and stay up late . He uses all types of persuasive language to convince us to do things his way.
We have written our own Pigeon stories to read to each other.
Here is a clip from a school in America where they made up their  own Pigeon story
Don’t Let The Pigeon Read The Books.
See what you think .

What persuasive language did the pigeon use to try and get his own way ?


We are very lucky at our school to have a beautiful garden where we grow many plants.
We are also lucky to have Alia Nicholls from Cultivating Communities who comes to us each week to teach us all about the different plants .
After weeding, watering, putting in new soil and planting we went on a quest to find 3 different types of plants.
They were

  • Medicinal

  • Ornamental

  • Edible

Can you think of an example from each category ?

Write and tell us what you have in your garden, we would love to hear from you.

Cooking in 34DC

Shrove Tuesday  is the day before Ash Wednesday , which marks the start of Lent.
Another name for Shrove Tuesday is Pancake Day.
Long ago this was a day for feasting and having a good time. People would go to church to confess the bad things they had done and would be ‘shriven’ or forgiven before the start of Lent.
Since rich foods such as eggs were forbidden during Lent, one way of using them up would be to make pancakes.
We decided to write a procedural text -How to Make Pancakes- I think we got it right, they were delicious!!!

Do you like pancakes ?

Let us know what  your favourite recipe is !