Our Broad Beans

 Hi everyone,

When Mrs Cosgrave was away, we started growing broad bean seeds in glass jars. We worked as a group to put them into glass jars with water and paper towels. About a week later we saw some white curly, pointy roots sprout and grow downwourds. About a week ago they started sprouting their shoots and then their leaves. Some have  grown really big and other small ones have just started. One has a bit of mould on it. We think that it grew because the glass was dirty.

Here are the pictures





Ciao from Rome

Hi everyone

I am now in Rome after spending a few days in one of my favourite cities ~ Flornce.

Rome is a very important city , in fact many years ago it was considered the most important city in the known world.

Rome is the capital of Italy. It is surrounded with buildings  that were built thousand of years ago .


Does anyone know the name of the  above building ?

Can anyone tell me why the building above   was so important ?