34 DC Holiday Adventures

Hi Mrs cosgrave and grade 3/4DC, Yesterday my family and I went to the church for a festival in Kerala. Here are some pictures of the church. From Brisna

Hi All From INDIA

Mrs Cosgrave and grade 3/4DC,

I’m having lots of fun here in India,I hope you are having the same there. Here are some pictures of my pet puppy in India. From Brisna

Sleep Over at Bella’s House. It was 6:30 at night. Bella just arrived at my house. We got into our P.Js. Soon it was time for dinner. We had tacos for dinner. After dinner we went to watch the X Factor. It was time for bed we went to sleep pretty fast. I woke Bella up because the power was out. In the morning we had pancakes for breakfast. We went Bowling and  I won by 1 point. For lunch we had McDonald’s. It was fabulous! Hello Everyone, I hope you are  all having a wonderful break and collecting lots of seeds for your writers notebooks. I was lucky enough to spend time at the beach during Easter. This is a picture from the end of my street. How are your holidays going ? What has been your favourite activity so far ? X   Mrs Cosgrave

View from the back beach

7 thoughts on “34 DC Holiday Adventures

  1. Hi Mrs Cosgrave,

    It looks like a great day to go swimming. I had a great holiday in Tassie. I loved walking up the mountain in Coles Bay. Hope you are having a great time.

    Harry R

  2. Hello 3/4 DC

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I did.
    I went to the dragon boat race. I was supporting Melbourne Flames because JB teachers at Avila College with mum. They won every match they were in. The 2k won and they got medals!

  3. Hello Mrs Cosgrave,
    I’ve had a wonderful holiday. I can’t wait to share it to everyone.I can’t believe term 2 has come. I have had lots of fun in term 1.

    Did you do anything else than go to the beach on the holidays?


  4. I really like your blog because it’s very colorful and
    yes, I had a great holiday, we went to the beach a couple of times actually! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Hello 3/4DC

    On the last day of term 2 we had my mum’s birthday and Laurence Hills birthday too.my mum’s birthday was on the 26th of June and Laurence’s birthday saw on the 28th of June.


  6. Hello Mrs Cosgrave
    I went to Canberra it was so much fun I went to the footy to see GWS play the Western Bulldogs. The dogs won by four points.
    From Nick

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