Hermit Crab Adventures- Our Class Pets.

Hi ! My name is Zach and I am at St. Thomas’ Blackburn and my class is 3/4DC.
We are lucky that we have good hermit crabs in our class. We have four hermit crabs and we all appreciate and love them.
Their names are Mr Snippers,Saucepan,Steve and Kermit
Here are some photo of them . Can you tell who is who ?

What is a Hermit Crab?
A Hermit crab is a land crab that lives on the beach.
They are different to other crabs because they live in other sea creatures shells.
They have 5 pairs of legs and one big pincer. The pincer helps it to protect itself and grab other crabs shells. They are very good climbers.
The shell protects it from preditors.
Because they are cold blooded,they need the sun to keep them warm.
The sun heats the sand and the warm sand keeps the crabs warm.
The shell also keeps them warm.If it is a cold day they can bury themselves in the sand.
It bathes in salt water but it drinks fresh water. It carries water in its shell to keep its boby moist.
Stay tuned for more Hermit Crab facts.

Dreadful News-Sad News!
Unfortunately, over the holidays three of our hermit crabs died. Their names were saucepan and Mr Snippers and Steve: We do not know how they died but we sure know that we will get some more hermit crabs soon. We think that they died from the cold weather.When we get the new ones we will buy a heat mat.

Stay tuned to be introduced to our new pets.

15 thoughts on “Hermit Crab Adventures- Our Class Pets.

  1. Hello class,
    I have seen the hermet crab pictures and they are so adorable. See you soon, and Zach keep up the good stories!
    Ruby 🙂

  2. Hi Zach,
    We do love and care for our hermit crabs. Its fun having them around and they tickle my fingers. My favourite hermit crab is kermit and mr sippers.

  3. Dear 3/4DC,
    Your hermit crab is very cool! I wish our class had a class pet too.

    From Theresa at holy family school

  4. Hello 3/4DC,
    Zach you are doing a great job of the stories,pictures and facts.
    I’v got a suggestion; the hermit crabs could have an adventure to Paris and they can climb the Eiffle tower and fly off in a parachute that would be funny.
    From Olivia.

  5. I think the crabs from top to bottom are Mr Snippers, Saucepan, Kermit and Steve. Sam did help, but I knew Saucepan, he just really looks like a saucepan!

  6. Dear class,
    I really liked reading the story’s of Hermit crabs and all the facts. I learn’t a lot about the crabs.
    from Ebony

  7. Dear Zach,
    Don’t worry about the hermit crabs they are finally at rest. But we all hope they have a great time in heaven 🙂
    from Alex

  8. Dear Zach and Grade 3/4DC

    Thank you for the information about Hermit Crabs posted on your classroom website. I teach FDK (Full Day Kindergarten) in London Ontario Canada and our class has just adopted 2 hermit crabs. We are very excited to begin learning about them and your site has helped us by giving us some great information. We will follow your updates to help us learn more! Zach – if you have any advice for us you can email me at k.baxendale@tvdsb.on.ca We would appreciate any advice you could give us. Your hermit crabs look very happy!

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