How To Take Great Pictures

Found this great presentation for us all to learn from made by Rachel Boyd a teacher from New Zealand .
Have a look and let me know what sort of pictures you would like to take.

How to Take a Good Picture!

Here is Gal’s fabulous tutorial
about shooting great digital images!

We will be adding new tips here as we learn!

Tip #1: Hold the camera still when you press the shutter. This will make for a clear photo! In fact, take a deep breath…let it out…and then press the shutter!

Tip #2: Take lots of pictures! If you take lots of pictures, you’ll have many to choose from. Sometimes people’s eyes are closed. Sometimes someone moves and they look blurry. Also, take pictures from a variety of angles. Try lots of angles and points-of-view so you can choose the best one!

January 4 : Typing
Not as good a shot from the side.

After much discussion, the class chose the top view of the keyboard. The fingers can be seen on the guide keys which is really what the story was about.

Tip #3: Try zooming in!

The sunset was beautiful, so I experimented with the zoom feature!
Full view
Zooming In
Final Zoom
Tip #4 Use the safety strap. That way, if you drop it…it might not hit the ground.
Tip #5 Try to tell a story with your picture. Don’t just take pictures of people standing in front of something. Try to get a story!
Tip #6 Keep your fingers off the lens. It will put a fingerprint on your lens or possibly scratch the lens!
Tip #7 Keep your finger out of the picture!

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