Lost In Space

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Learn all About Black Holes

Look at this lovely space song … it has heaps of facts !
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WOW ! Have a look at this video.
The Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final launch . May 17th 2011. It Takes a lot of fuel and energy to propel a rocket into space. What do you think ?

11 thoughts on “Lost In Space

    • Well done Sebastian . There are so many questions we could ask about space that we don’t know the answer to , glad you could find an answer.

  1. Did you know that Earth is the only planet that is not named after a Greek God, the others are.
    Final fact the sun is a star and the sun is only medium, compared to other stars!
    From Ruby

  2. Hi 3/4DC!

    My class have been learning about space this term too. We had some interesting calculations we worked out last Friday.

    When we went to the Earth, Moon and Sun show at Scienceworks the speaker told us that 4 moons fit inside our planet Earth. He also told us that 1.3 billion earths fit inside the sun. Isn’t that amazing!

    Anyway when we were reading a big book about space during reading on Friday it said that 1000 earths fit inside the planet Jupiter (which is the largest planet in the solar system). My grade then said if 1000 earths fit inside Jupiter how many jupiter’s fit inside the sun?

    We worked it the answer. Can you work it out?????

    From Miss Dickson and year 2/3D

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