The Olympics

Aidan P ‘s clay Shooting Tagxedo

Ned’s Tagxido

In Preparation for the start of the Olympics we had a green and gold day at school.
Go Australia !

Aussie, Aussie, OI! OI! OI ! on PhotoPeach

Have a look at these videos from past Olympics . Look at the athletes, their clothes, the spectators and the events.
What do you notice ?
What is different ?
What has changed ?
Why do you think things are different now to when the Modern Olympics first started ?
Make sure you write a comment to let us know what you have noticed.

Athens 1896

Paris 1900

St. Lois 1904

London 1908

Stockholm 1912

Los Angeles 1932

Berlin 1936

London 1948

Melbourne 1956

Barcelona 1992

Sydney 2000

32 thoughts on “The Olympics

  1. I see what you mean Mrs Cosgrave, when you say the outfits change each time.
    It is so sad when the man tears his hamstring. I felt sorry for him.

    HeatherD 3/4DC

  2. Me and my Mum watched the Barcelona 1992
    olympics games story and it made my Mum cry and it does prove to never ever give up!

    From Will H

    • Will it made me cry too … in a good way. I love to see people do their best no matter what and not give up even when things are really hard. It also reminds me of how strong a parents love for their child is .
      Mrs C

  3. Hi,
    The olympics page is really cool.
    The Barcelona 1992 was sad and amazing.
    My favourite part was when the dad came.
    The videos were cool to.

  4. Hi 34DC,
    I loved the videos but I was upset that I couldn’t
    see the Sydney opening ceremony.My favourite one was when the dad helped the son continue.
    From AidanP

    • Hi Aidan,
      That video is a bit tricky. You need to click on the bottom right hand corner then you can see it .
      Good luck ! Let me know how you go
      Mrs C

  5. Hello 3/4DC,
    I watched the clip called “Just proves never to give up” it was quite sad and happy at the same time.
    From Olivia

  6. I cry every time I watch some of these videos. Its just touching, I really love the robot video. Its really interesting! ( every time I watch these videos they just get even more awesome!)

  7. Hello everyone,
    I saw some of the videos. I saw the one that the man was hurt, I felt sorry for him. When I saw the other videos I saw the clothing and the videos had changed. The clothes were different back then,and the video was black and white and you can’t see the athletes very well.

  8. The fasion has changed over time so much for the Olympics. We are so exited for the Olympic games! We think London will do well for the opening ceremony.

    James & Lachie

  9. Hello Everyone,
    When Lorelei and I watched the video’s we saw the clothes change and how woman came into he Olympic’s. The second last video touched our hearts!! The setting of the Olympic arena’s. We could not see that well when it was black and white! Our video was the secound video, because it was so touching and we just loved seeing it because his dad was so caring!!!

    From Maddy and Lorelei

  10. Lachie and I are so exited about the Olympic games. Lachie is very exited about seeing Usain Bolt. And I am exited about seeing Elisa Barnard who does archery.

    James & Lachie

  11. Hello 3/4DC,
    When I was watching all the videos I noticed that they start black and white and they get more colourfull by each video. I loved watching each one. Some were sad.
    From Olivia

  12. Hi Year 3/4DC,

    What great moments of past Olympic games. My favourite part of the Sydney Olympics was when Cathy Freeman lit the Olympic torch at the opening ceremony.

    I love watching the Olympic games. It is a special event that only happens every four years. My favourite event is the swimming. What is your favourite event?

    From Miss Dickson

    • Hi Miss Dickson,
      thank you for looking at our blog – we love it when people look at it.
      We all love the Olympics as well. In a couple of days you will be able to see our favourite Olympic moments/ sports because Mrs Cosgrave will be putting up a post of all our projects.
      How good was the opening ceremony ?
      What was your favourite part ?
      From Grade 3/4 DC

  13. Hello,
    I think the video of the runner tearing his hamstring and continuing on was very brave and inspirational.
    Seeing his father run out to help him shows how much parents support their kids.
    from Ebony

    • Hi Aidan,
      your right Ned’s Tagxedo is great! I can’t wait for everyone to post their tagxedos including yours !!
      Mrs C

  14. Hello Everyone,
    Adien and Neds Tagxetos are Great!!
    I love the BMX colours and the blue one was great. I love how you put lots of facts in the Tagxeto!


  15. Hey everyone!
    I love your Tagxedo Ned and Aidan,
    It’s very creative! I’ll have to admit, (I couldn’t think of anything as clever as that!)
    from Alex 😀

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