Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts: Slumbering Sea, Mentone, 1887Tom has very carefully painted this picture  of Slumbering Sea, Mentone, his techniques were tested as he struggled for new ideas but this picture of Slumbering sea was truly beautiful.

Facts about the painting:

He used oil on canvas which was 51.0 x 76.5 cm,

Purchased with the help of a speacial grant from the goverment of Victoria, 1979.

Collection: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

The cliffs in this area were renown for their fossils, and the artist in their later letters would write of the fossils beach, when referring to this painting.

Roberts veiw is towards the cliffs at Mentone and beyond to the distant Dandenong Rangers.

I liked this peice of art work because it wasn’t just some typical painting, it showed words and wisdom of what an artist can truly do. It shines in it’s own speacial way, and that why as soon as I saw this painting I knew I just had to write about it. I also liked the way he made everything look so realistic. Tom Roberts is a true artist.

By Alexandra G.