Brain Teasers

One day in the middle of a living room there was glass shattered all over the floor,  water spilt all over the floor and two dead bodies laying on the floor.

Who were  the two bodies?



One night a man decided to go to sleep.

So he walked up the very long stairs and turned off the light.

The next day there was an article in the paper saying 5 boats lost at sea.

Who was the man?





One day, in a circle house a grandpa died.
After the death the family got interviewed.
The grandmother said it wasn’t me I was cooking dinner.
The Mum said it wasn’t me I was playing with the dog.
The dog barked, it wasn’t me I was playing with Mum.
The Dad said it wasn’t me I was watching the footy.
The girl said it wasn’t me I was playing with my dolls in the corner.
The boy said it wasn’t me I was playing with my toy Batman.
Who did it?

Write and tell us what you think .
 Clue: it was someone in the family

One day a man  was walking in the desert . He  encountered a dead body next to an unopened package. No tracks , no footprints.
What happened?
Who is the man?
How did he die ?
What is in the package?

Can you answer these questions ?

From Aidan, Chelsea, Alessandra and Sophie

17 thoughts on “Brain Teasers

  1. Hi Aidan, Chelsea, Alessandra and Sophie your brain teaser is hard I couldn’t work it out not even my older cousin! How did you even get that trick? It was impossible for me! Think your very smart of thinking that brain teaser. I would be worse at brain teasers if no one helped me. But at least one of my cousin’s can answer the first one. But it was still fun because it challenges us to think hard witch that makes us smarter.

  2. I think it was the girl because there wouldn’t be much room in the CIRCLE house, the Girl said she was in the CORNER playing with her dolls, but in a CIRCLE there is no CORNER! So it must of been the girl making up a lie so that nobody new it was her!!!

  3. hello,
    I think the answer to the round house brain teaser was the girl in the corner because there is no corners in a round circle.

  4. For the second one the man went to bed I think he owned a lighthouse and turned of the lighthouse lights so the boats didn’t see the shore.
    From Lorelei

  5. For the third one…

    I think the girl did it because it was a circle house but she said she was in the corner!!!

    James 😀

  6. Hi guys,
    I think for the 3 brain teaser it was the girl because she said she was playing in the CORNER but their is no corner in a circle house.
    Thanks Emily

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