“Stick To The Status Quo ”
This song “Stick to the Status Quo” appeared in the first “High School
Musical” movie. It shows the high school jocks (in this case, basketball
players) doing something ‘unusual’ appearing in a stage musical. The title of the song reflects that it’s still not accepted by all to step outside and do something out of the ordinary. Unfortunately some people still expect you to be what you present yourself to be.

-What do you think about this song?
-Do you think it is ok that the characters friends told them off for doing something different?

-What would you do if you had a hidden talent and your friends told you it was not ok?

Hail Mary


How would you feel if you had to leave?

What would you miss?

Have you heard of people having to leave their countries? How do you think they feel ?

What do you think these paintings are about?

Can you see any similarities between them? If so, what are they?

Which of these paintings do you like the best? Give 3 reasons for your answer.









Granny O’ Grimms version of Sleeping Beauty






We all have life cycles………….We all have a time to Live and Die

Why do we all have to live and die?

What would the world be like if nothing died?

Clean Up Australia Day


What is the impact of polution on our environment?

What is this ad persuading us to do and how?

What is the most persuasive part of this ad?




Click on the picture to see a video of the life cycle of the butterfly.
Click on the picture to discover the life cycle of the butterfly.


This is a time-lapse video of a butterfly actually going through its life stages.

You will be able to watch the whole process happening; however it will appear to be happening much faster than it actually does!

As you watch, think about the picture book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

What are the similarities and differences between the video and the book?

What stage of the butterfly’s life cycle fascinates you the most? Why?

48 thoughts on “Literacy

  1. Hi 3/4 DC,

    I really liked the video, it was really clear about a life cicle. When I was watching it, it remided me
    about the Very Hunger Caterpiller.|I like when the caterpiller findes its cocoon.

    From Lucy

  2. Hi 3/4 DC

    The clip was great! The simalarities between the book and the clip were the caterpillar comes out of its shell in the morning and it goes into its cocoon and comes out a beautiful butterfly.
    From Inigo

  3. Hi 3/4 DC
    I really like the way they made the video about the betterflys . It helped me understand more about it.

    from Lily

  4. Hi 3/4 DC,
    I really liked the video about the butterfly.
    Do you know how to tell if the caterpiller turns to a moth or a buterfly?


  5. Hi Grade 34 DC,

    I like the vido of the butterfiles and life cyle.
    I wonder how a dog life cyle will go?
    Life Cyles are very very great!

    From Dana.

  6. Hi 34DC,
    I whatched the video of the Butterflys! It was amazing! The Butterfly was very pretty and gracefull as it flew thourgh the air! I loved it and It was so amazing how the caterpillar made its own cocoon and in 2 weeks it just turned into a big butterfly! I wonder if butterflys will ever get extinct?

    From Anastasia

  7. Hi,grade 34dc

    I liked The life Cycle of The Buterflies coming
    out of the cocoon .It was amazing To See It.

    From Ben k.

  8. Dear 34DC,

    I hope you are learning lots more stuff about life cycles. I am. I think learning about life cycles is realy interresting

  9. Hi 3\4 DC
    I think Australia should ban plastic bags because they are killing heaps of our animals. Make the price $20.

  10. Hi 3/4DC,
    The impact of the pollution in the world is that every time someone drops plastic bags or drops litter, the pollution builds up. If this keeps on happening the air will get thicker and it will be hard to breath. It is persuading us to clean up the world or it will become an awful place to live. It is saying, not in words but by showing us that everyone can help. I think for me the most persuading part of the add was when the plastic bag was floating in the sea, because every time we litter, the animals in the sea think that plastic bags are jelly fish and eat them and die.

  11. Hi 3/4DC,
    I think this video of Clean up Austraila will help people to not throw trash in the water. I think that the most persuasive bit of the video is when you see all the trash on the land

  12. Hi 3/4DC,
    I think this video about clean up Australia is very good. I think the impact of our polution is really bad it even makes some of our animals die. This add is persuading us to clean up Australia by heading down to the beach and help clean up. I think the most persuasive part of this add is when it shows all of the rubbish on the beach and the plastic bag in the sea.
    By Emilyba

  13. Hi 3/4DC,
    I really like the video about clean up Australia day. Its really sad that some animals can die from all the rubbish.I think that it is trying to make us clean up Australia. The most persuading bit in the ad is when the rubbish ends up in the sea.

  14. Hey 3/4DC
    I think the video of clean up Australia is really good. I also think that even though the video is only 30 seconds, it shows all of us that every one can help by not littering.


  15. The most persuasive part was showing Ayres rock as rubbish. The ad is persuading you to clean up rubbish. The impact of pollution is that lots of animals die because they accidentally eat plastic bags and wrappers.

    By Inigo

  16. Yo 34DC,
    What a shame that people just drop their rubbish and there might be a bin near by!
    At one park I went to it had a note saying please put rubbish in the bin!
    Well done for the man who helped clean up!
    from Anastasia

  17. Hi 34dc I hope Australia gets clean our country is a mess. We need to things off the footpath and parks and beachs. Plese clean up Australia

  18. Hi 34DC,

    The impact of polution is that all the animals get sick and die.It is persuading us to clean up Australia so are wildlife will live for ever.It is peswading at the part of when the plastic is floting tor the water

    from Harry

  19. Hello everyone,
    I think that the Pentecost story was really cleaver. It told us the right story using puppets one sticks. I really liked the way that they did it in their own way but they still do the story.

  20. Hi Mrs Cosgrave,
    I watched the video of The Pentecost Story,
    The holy sprirt really helped to be strong and they understanded other languages.The people taked together .
    from Brisna

  21. Hi 34DC,

    The Pentecost story is very good and I learnt so much from it.
    It’s really awsome how all the people came to the little house.

    From Dana

  22. Hi 34DC,

    The video was great I know that now the Holy sprit will be with you always all the time. I learnt lots of things on this little clip.

    From Meg.

  23. In both of the pictures the person standing in the middle of the crowd are raising their hands. It looks like they are praying.
    On the sides of both pictures there is water coming down. At the back of the pictures, in the middle the water gets smaller and smaller.
    In the second picture there are a lot of people who are not looking at the person who is praying and in the first picture all of the people are looking at the person who is praying.
    The picture I like best is the first one because it looks brighter and it stands out more.

  24. Dear 34dc
    Canberra is on of my favourite places because I went there for a holiday and it was so cool. The best holiday I ever had.

  25. Hi everyone,
    When I was watching the video about going everywhere I thought that Kurrajong sounds like a funny word so I found out a little about it.
    Kurrajong is in north west sydeny and it provides a holiday away from the city.
    The area was first settled around 1790.
    KUrrajong has lovely markets that you can buy lovely fruit and many more things.
    I would love to go here.

  26. Hi 34DC,
    In the song ‘I’ve been everywhere’ I heard the name of a place in NSW called Gunnedah (gunn-e-da) I found some facts about Gunnedah. There are 12,265 people in Gunnedah. Gunnedah is 1,100 km away from Melbourne and 443km from Sydeny. Gunnedah is close to Tamworth.
    From Emily

  27. Hi 34 dc
    Canberra has 370,000 people and is the place were parliament house is (thats where the Prime minister lives). Canberra has the MINT that is were they make the coins.

  28. Hello Grade 3/4 DC,
    I liked the video because it was funny, fast and awsome.
    I also liked the song because it had funny words and made up words.


  29. Hi 3/4DC,
    I like the video because it was funny! I think that they went a little bit too fast but they did have good rhythm and a good beat.I think they did a good job and it was a good song.
    From Meg.

  30. Hello Grade 34 DC,
    The video made me feel great, awsome and I could almost sing the song.
    The song lyrics said about journeys thats there is going to be another monment.
    The moral message is thatyou ca n go everywhere you just have to undersand it.


  31. Hi 3/4DC
    I liked the video and it made me feel sad because themusic was nice and calm. The miley cyres video was about journeys because she went on a journey to places.The message is that never give up and let your self down.
    From Meg.

  32. Hi everyone,
    The Miley cyrus video made me feel like even though I make mistakes life will still go on, it made me feel like that because of the beat and words.
    The video was about journeys because Miley went to a lot of places and on adventures.
    The message is even though you might meet challengs never give up.
    Hope you enjoyed the video.

  33. Hi 34dc,
    The song ‘the Climb’ made me feel a bit sorry for the character Miley Cyrus was playing because she had to climb a mountain because she looked really sad and angry. The song lyrics say that it doesn’t mater how long it takes to get there, just how you get there, that is the moral message of this song.
    Thanks Emily

  34. Hi 3/4DC,
    Liv and I enjoyed the music video because it made us feel good because it was relaxing.
    The message of the song is that you always have to keep trying and not give up.

    Natalie and Liv

  35. Hello 3/4Dc,
    I really enjoyed the video allot. It made me feel sad because it was nice and calm with the music.The climb as soon as I started the video I could see Miley Cyres walking down a lane and it looked like she was on a journey . I think that the messege is to never give up.
    From Lucy

  36. Hi 3/4DC,
    I think the song stick to the statas quo is really funny. I thought it was a little bit annoying at the end of the song we didn’t see what happend. I didn’t think it was okay for their friends to say “that’s not okay to do that” becuase everyone has the right to do what they want most of the time. If I did tell my friends about my hidden passion I would introduce it very slowly and carefully.
    From Emily 3/4DC

  37. Hi 3/4 DC

    The song is good and it doesn’t matter if you are different from your friends so I wouldn’t care what they said about me.

    From Inigo

  38. Hi 3/4 DC,
    The High School Musical video was okay we didn’t love it but we didn’t hate it. No we don’t think that it is okay for them to be telling them what they can do and what the can’t do.
    We would still follow our dreams because it is up to us.
    From Georgia and Ciara.

  39. Hi 3/4DC
    I thought that the high school musical video was cool.
    I dont think that they should stop what they were doing because all people are different and they can do what they can do.
    If they did that to me I would say I can do what I want to do.

  40. I thought that the High School Musical song was good the characters were good if I had a hidden talent I wouldtell poeple so I think if you have a hidden talent you sould tell poeple.
    From Rory.

  41. Hi 3/4DC,0
    Onel and I thought it ok.
    No it was mean I wonder how the people who were getting teased felt.
    I would feel sad and walk away.
    From Jacob and Onel.

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