My Holidays!!!

On the 6th of October my sister and I went to a pool party at my friend’s house.

When we  got there ,we made cupcakes and cookies. We went for  a swim and the water was amazing.

We had a swimming race and I came 2nd and my sister came 3rd.

After the swimming race  we had meat pies, cookies and cupcake.

The meat pies, cookies and cupcakes were beautiful.

It was the best part of my   holidays.

BY  Brisna




Cyber Journeys

We are lucky enough to have  new touch screen computers for us to use so today we used them to take some Cyber journeys.

On Wednesday we are going to Werribee Zoo so we ploted our journey there and found it was 53.1 km away and would take us 50 minutes by bus. Lucky we are not walking  because it would take us 10 hours and 34 minutes!  Boy  would we be tired.

We have been using Google Earth to go on new journeys. Today we went to Peru  where Mariana’s family came from and to Canada to visit Livinias aunty.


 Lucy’s journey took her from Blackburn to Darwin. By car it was 3771 km and it would take   her 42hrs but if she wanted to walk it would take her 754 hrs !!!! lucky she can go by car.

Nick ‘s journey took him from school to Canberra. By car it was going to take him 6 hours and 55 minutes and was 673 km away  but if he wanted to walk  it would take 126hours !