11 thoughts on “Our Storybird Library

  1. Dear Ruby,
    I loved reading your book it put a tear in my eye,it was just beautiful story to read, i would buy it if it was in the library
    Well Done Ruby
    From Olivia xoxo

  2. Dear Zach,
    Your story was my favorite out of all of them! It was great!
    Can’t wait to see your next story.
    From Ruby ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Dear Sophie,
    I loved how you made your book rhyme, not only you put so much effort into it you but it was a lovely story about Grace and learning to fly.
    From Darci xoxoxo

  4. Dear Alex,
    Hello Everybody, especially Alex. First I will start with Alex. Alex your story was incredible. I loved it so much. Wish is a great name for a story. I wish that I could write a story like that, not saying that I am bad, I can not wait to see another Storybird from you!!


  5. Dear Soph,
    Your story was awesome. It was rhyming and interesting. Please write more storys so I can read them! From Lorelei.

  6. Hello Everyone,
    GREAT story Zach. I love the story ‘Friend Ship’ and also the story ‘Me’. You are FANTASTIC at writing stories. When you grow up you should be a writer. I would LOVE to read more or your stories. Once again FANTASTIC stories.

    Maddy 3/4DC

  7. Hello,
    You were right about your class being very good writers. The stories are very, very interesting.
    Fabulous work!


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