Jump Rope For Heart

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When the clock struck 9.30 we reported down to the front playground. Firstly we did a relay in our team colours,secondly we grabbed one of the 4 rope styles and started skipping.It started to rain but we continued skipping. Now I will tell you what the rope colours mean: red is individual skipping,blue is partner skipping, yellow is group skipping and purple is a BIG rope that you use in big groups. Our sports teacher Mrs. Lyford was the person that told us what to do. It was really fun!

by Alexandra

Jump Rope for Heart
Jump rope for heart is organised to raise money for peple with a sick hearts. There was loud music and lots of screaming.We could skip by ourselves or doubles or lots of kids .The one I enjoyed the most was the millions of kids one. Near the end it started to rain. By Aidan D

”LINE UP BEHIND YOUR COLOUR CONE”Mrs.Lyford call’s into the speaker,everyone is pumped -well I am. Mrs.Lyford explains what we are doing ”we are doing skipping relay races” she shouts at the top of her lungs.