Our Garden Science Experiment – stage one

On Thursday we went to the garden to learn about flower cells. We also did an experiment on flowers. First, we predicted. We predicted that the food dye would change the colour of the petals or that the petals will fall off. We predicted that the flowers would change colour in 7 days, 5 hours, or some thought straight away.

After that we filled a bottle up half way with water. Each group decided on a colour to dye the water. One of the groups chose red and one group chose purple. We went ahead and put the dye and then the flower. Nothing happend so we went and had a look around the garden. It has been 1 day and the flower has had a slight change. Here is a picture:





We are very lucky at our school to have a beautiful garden where we grow many plants.
We are also lucky to have Alia Nicholls from Cultivating Communities who comes to us each week to teach us all about the different plants .
After weeding, watering, putting in new soil and planting we went on a quest to find 3 different types of plants.
They were

  • Medicinal

  • Ornamental

  • Edible

Can you think of an example from each category ?

Write and tell us what you have in your garden, we would love to hear from you.