Ciao from Rome

Hi everyone

I am now in Rome after spending a few days in one of my favourite cities ~ Flornce.

Rome is a very important city , in fact many years ago it was considered the most important city in the known world.

Rome is the capital of Italy. It is surrounded with buildings  that were built thousand of years ago .


Does anyone know the name of the  above building ?

Can anyone tell me why the building above   was so important ?

Bonjour from Paris

Hello to everyone from Paris France .Paris is a beautiful city with lots of history and beautiful art works. I am having a lovely time even though it is little bit chilly. Life here is very different to Melbourne, the cars drive on the other side of the road, there are lots of motorbikes and there does not seem to be too many road rules- you have to be very careful crossing the road. I visited this very famous monument today. It is called The Arc de Triomphe and it was built in 1836. Napoleon was the Emperor and had it built to celebrate his victory in battles.

Did you know there is another Paris ,not in France?
Who can tell me where there is another Paris?




We have spent a lot of time walking in Paris and to get to places you need to cross lots of bridges. The river that runs through Paris is called the Seine. The buildings are quite different to those in Blackburn, some even look like castles!
what is different in the shape of the building?


We went to a beautiful church today St Chapelle which was built in the 12th century. It has these amazing stained glass windows. The windows tell the stories from the Bible. They used them for people who could not read. The first window tells the creation story.
Today is our last day in Paris, we are off to Spain today. Hope you are having a lovely time with Mrs Killkenny.
Au revoir

HIStory, MYstory, OURstory.



We have been talking a lot about each others stories. Everyone has a different story  to share.

Today  we were lucky enough to hear Ari’s story. Ari’s grandmother and Aunt  are visiting from India so they came along with Ari’s mother Navas to tell  us about the  Rego family story.

We all learnt many , many new things about India. Even the teachers learnt lots of  interesting facts.

These are  some of the interesting things we learnt.

  • India is 5000 years old
  • There are 29 different states and 6 territories in India
  • Each state is like  a little  country , they  each  had  different food,  dancing styles and  clothes.
  • There are 1.2 billion people who live in India
  • There were 4 religions started in India, Hidu, Sikhs, Jans, and Buddhism.
  • There were 4 other religions introduced to India: they are Judaism, Zoroastian, Muslim and Christianity.
  • In 52AD, St Thomas the Apostle came to India- some people say he is buried there.
  • Lots of things were invented in India- snakes and ladders, chess, yoga, and martial arts and they taught us how to count.
  • English is spoken  everywhere but Hindi is the national language.
  • Many of  the scientists at NASA are Indian
  • India has the largest amount of post offices in the world and the largest train system

We really enjoyed  learning about your family story Ari.


Sydney Nolan -Our Artist Study

Part of our Inquiry for this term has involved us finding out about our wonderful country Australia . Our artists can share historical stories through art. Sydney Nolan is the first Australian artist we have studied and we enjoyed learning about Ned Kelly through his art.
We hope you enjoy our attempts to tell Ned’s story.
Sydney Nolan, Ned Kelly and the artists of 3/4DC on PhotoPeach