Ken Done Art Car

At 14 years old Ken left school to go to the National Art School in Sydney.  After 5 years Ken became an art director and designer in New York, London and Sydney.

Ken has worked for many charities, mainly charities to do with underprivileged children.  Ken was Father of the Year in 1989.

In 1992, Ken received the Order of Australia (A.M.), for services to Art, Design and Tourism

Ken uses very bright colours, he paints a lot of Australian themes,   The paintings look like a child has drawn them.

I like the car that Ken painted because it looks really cool.

Albert Namatjira

  Hi my name is HeatherD and I had to choose an Australian

   artist and I chose Albert Namatjira.

   Albert Namatjira was born in 1902 but sadly died in 1959.

  Albert Namatjira died at the age of 57 by heart disease.

   Did you know that Albert when he was  born was  called Elea not Albert.

   Albert Namatjira is one of Australia’s great artists, and

   perhaps the best known Aboriginal painter.

   Albert love painting artworks about landscapes and 

   Aboriginal things.    By HeatherD