Sydney Nolan

Sydney paints the background first and then he paints the main thing like the picture below. He paints like a kid would paint because thats how he paints. He loves Ned

Kelly.  I like Sydney’s painting because I like Ned Kelly, I like the colours and I just like the way he paints.

By Sam

Rolf Harris

I chose Rolf Harris. Rolf was born on 30 March 1930. He is a painter, musician, composer and a TV star. One of his famous paintings is the one he did of the Queen in 2005. Rolf did TV shows for little kids to teach them art. When Rolf was younger he used to be a brilliant swimmer and was in many comps. One of my favourite songs by Rolf is Tie Me Kangaroo Down,Sport, which became a Aussie favourite. It also bacame a hit in Britan and America. Rolf was born in Perth [South Australia] and moved to Britan in 1952. Currently he is 82.
He is one of my favorite artists ever! By Lorelei.
The Queen by Rolf Harris