Goodnight iPad

What do you think of this book ?

Is it good to  have all these devices in our lives ? Why ?

What  are the dangers of spending  a lot of time  on all those electronic devices ?

What  would you do with your time if you didn’t have these devices?

I like the authors name -Anne Droyd- why do you think I find it funny ?


Today, robots are used for all sorts of tasks in a wide variety of industries. Some robots vacuum floors and mow lawns, while others help to build cars in large factories.Robots are used in many ways to learn more about space. In years to come scientists will have developed more and more robots, maybe even to help us around the house. Do you think robots can think for themselves or can they only do what they are programmed to do ? This little video will make you ask yourself the question -DO ROBOTS WONDER ?
Enjoy – but don’t forget to tell us what you think.