The Adventures of Bobby our Better Buddy Bear


Bobby’s adventure at Matthews House


Bobby has met a new friend they were playing over the weekend.

I am teaching Bobby how to play clarinet but it is my sisters and she does not like people playing it. So if she finds out Bobby will be in trouble.

Bobby and I were getting hungry so I grabbed Bobby some cookies and milk. He enjoyed them.

After that Bobby was getting a bit bored so he decided that he would play Xbox. He beat me at soccer 5-o he is really good.


Me and Bobby have had a big week and Bobby is a bit tired so I gave him a pillow and a blanket. He went to sleep. THE END

   Buddy Visits Livinia




Hello Everyone! Bobby is having lots of fun with me. I am about to tell you all about it! On Saturday Bobby went to dancing and watched Chanel and I practice in our classes!  He watched with my Nanna and with my mum. He loved Chanel’s class because he loved the funky moves! In my class, he loved our dance and he loved the music too. Bobby also watched my competition class and thought that our dance will defiantly win! Bobby had a really, really, really fun……………….. day!      Today is Sunday and what is special about today is it is the day I have my dance competitions! It is when different troupes (students who dance is groups) come together and compete. For half the year students practice there dances getting ready for the competitions. Bobby and my Nanna, dad, mum and sister Chanel came to watch! In this photo above is my friend Bella a girl in my troupe and of coarse me and Bobby. Down below is a picture of my ribbon. First I did my Jazz dance and we didn’t get anything for that, but my troupe did get a ribbon for our contempary dance! We got honourable mention! That is fourth place! We were all very happy! Bobby had lots of fun and can’t wait for Monday!         Today is Monday. My Nanna, Mum, Chanel and I all went to Forest Hill Shopping Centre. Since it is winter we were looking for some winter clothes. After that we were hungry so we decided to have lunch at Subway. On our way to Subway, we bumped into Darci and her mum! Bobby Darci and I had  a really good chat while the mothers were organizing a play for Darci and I. We said goodbye and went to Subway. Then it was time to come home. We said goodbye to Nanna and then went home and relaxed. It was a very fun day!    Today is Tuesday! As you all know I saw Darci yesterday. Do you remember me telling you how the mothers were having a discussion? Well they were planning to take Bobby and I to the movies to watch Monsters University! So Darci came over to pick Bobby and I up and went strait to the movies. Bobby loved it because it was funny but in some parts Bobby was scared because the monsters showed there nasty teeth and there nasty claws. After the movie was over, we all went back to my house and played for a little while because Darci’s dad was talking to my dad. It was a really fun day!    Today is Wednesday! Today we saw Darci again because she was having a play at my house! Bobby Darci and I did some gymnastic tricks on a mattress. Then we went to the shops. At the shops mum needed to do some shopping so Darci, Chanel, Bobby and I, we went to timezone to play games while mum did the shopping. After that -while we were leaving, we saw Scarlett who was with her brother and her mum. Scarlett’s mum agreed that  Scarlett was allowed  to stay for the rest of the day with us! We went home to have lunch then headed up to the park. We climbed trees and played on the playground. Then it was time for Darci to go home, but Scarlett was allowed  to stay with for another hour. Bobby was really happy about that! So Scarlett, Bobby and I, did some gymnastics on the mattress. Down below is a picture of Scarlett and Bobby doing a headstand on the mattress.Then Scarlett got picked up by her mum and she said goodbye to Bobby and I. For the rest of day we all settled down from a big day. It was a really fun day!

Today is Thursday! Today we had to wake up really early because my mum and dad have to go to work so dad dropped Chanel, Bobby and I to my Nanna’s place. First we went to the mall to have some morning tea. We went to this cafe called The Long Mac. I had an ice tea with a jam fancy which is a piece of shortbread with jam in the middle. I shared it with Bobby. Chanel had a jam fancy with apple and blackcurrant juice. My Nanna had a coffee with banana bread. Then we went to Westfield Shopping Centre. Nanna said Chanel and I could get our nails done! Chanel got a dark shiny purple colour and I got a bright red colour and we can not forget Bobby, he had imaginary pretend fake rainbow coloured nails! In this photo is Bobby and I showing our (imaginary, but mine are real) nails.

After that we went back to my Nanna’s house. Nanna did all of our toenails at her house. I had two colours and they were blue and orange.

These are Chanel’s toes.The colours are blue, pink and orange.

These are Bobby’s toes (they have imaginary pink toenails)

After that my Auntie, my older cousin and younger cousin came over. My uncle and other younger cousin are in Beach worth so it was really quiet so they decided to come here. We talked and had a snack. My Auntie and my cousin did their nails too. Then they went home. Just before dinner we bought  some knitting needles because  we  wanted to learn to knit. When it was 7 pm we had stew for dinner and watched the block. Chanel went to bed before it started because she was tired. When it was finished Bobby and I got ready for bed. Here is a picture of Bobby and I in  the bed. It was a really fun day!

Today is Friday!  Today we went to The Long Mac for morning tea. I had a jam fancy with a vanilla milk shake that I shared with Bobby. Chanel had the same (she is such a copy cat!). Then we did lots of fun things at Nanna’s house. Then a friend of Nanna’s came. Her name is Maria. She know’s how to knit and sew as well. Over the holiday’s I have been doing one finger finger knitting. I was doing it at Nanna’s place and Maria is very clever and creative and she said she could crochet my finger knitting and make a scarf for me. She will put tassels at each end of it with beads on it. I was very exited! I did a little more finger knitting and soon it was ready. Then it was time to go home. Dad picked us up. It was a really fun day!

Today is Saturday! Today Chanel’s friend Katie came over for a hour. After that Bobby, Chanel, mum and I went to our friends house. There are to girls in my ballet and jazz class named Charlotte and Ella. Charlotte decided to have a catch up with a few of the girls from dancing. She chose three people. They were Ella and girl named Jasmine and I. Jasmine couldn’t make it though but that was fine. There were yummy things to eat like banana cake, carrot cake, cookies and platters of fruit. It was really yummy! Charlotte also has two dogs. They are only babies! One is a girl named Lily and the other dog was a bay named Tiger. They came up with the name from a flower called tiger lily. Bobby like Lily the best because her colour of her collar was purple which is Bobby’s favourite colour. Then it was time to go home and we just relaxed for the rest of the day. It was a really fun day!

Today is Sunday! Today my dad, my mum, Chanel and I went into the city.We went by train. We went there for a special resson. The reasson we were in the city was because we were going to the highest floor of the Eureka Sky Deck! This is a photo from the ground.We paid then we made our way into the lift. It takes about 80 seconds to get up to the top. It was an extra $30 to go in the section where the floor is see through so we didn’t go in that section. Here are a few pictures of the view.  After that we went back down stairs and that is when Bobby met some new friends.   Then it was time to go home. We took the train again to get home. We had lunch and settled down. It was a really fun day!       Today is Monday! Today Georgia came over. Chanel Georgia, Bobby and I did some gymnastics on the mattres. After that we went to Forest Hill Chase and Went to Amf Bowing.Chanel, Georgia, Bobby and I played one game. Chanel won! Then we had lunch and then we each got ten tokens each. We all spent it on the ticket machine. The more tickets you get the more prizes you get. When everyone was done we took turns in counting our tickets in another machine. I had 172 tickets and bought two balls, a wrist band, a ring and a slinky. I gave the ring to Bobby because he didn’t win any tickets.Do  you remember the time I had my competions? Remember my friend Bella in the photo? Well we saw her and her family there. After that we went home and Georgia’s mum came to pick her up. We said bye and relaxed. It was a really fun day!         Today is Tuesday! Today mum had to go to work and dad had a meeting on so in the morning dad droped us off at Nanna’s place in our PJ’s! Dad was so late that there was no time to get ready so we packed our bags quickly and went strait away. After we were ready at Nanna’s we had some toast. We did lots of things. We went to the shopping centre and went into coles. There was an isle with  lots of things that were only $2! Chanel bought a barbie doll and I bought a mini notebook. Then we bought some rolls for lunch. We went home had lunch and played with a new things and things we packed for the rest of the day. It was a really fun day!

Today is Wednesday! Today Chanel’s friend Elsie came over. We played the we and gymnastics. Then we had lunch. Chanel and Elsie had a roll with ham in it. I had a toasted cheese sandwich. We some more and after Elsie went home Bobby and I watched a movie. We were tired from all that gymnastics. It was a really fun day!       Today is Thursday! Today Chanel, Bobby and I went to Nanna;s house for a sleepover. We went to a french cafe. I had a hot chocolate with a macaroon. Macaroon’s are small sweet biscuits. Chanel had a macaroon with a baby chino. My Nanna had a Latte with a croissant which has almond paste in the inside and almonds on top. It was yummy! Then we bought rolls for lunch and had them the were yum! It was a really fun day!

Today is Friday! Today Nanna Chanel and I had a good day. When we were about to leave for morning tea Nanna’s brother came with his daughter . While they were talking I was writing my notebook and Chanel was playing with her barbie. When they left it was time to go to Nanna’s  hair appointment. The hair dresses name was Kerry. Chanel and I packed a few things in a bag to play with while nanna was getting her hair done. After that we went back to Nanna’s house and my sad came to pick us up. It was a really fun day!       Today Bobby was tired and slept so I will not talk about today.     Today Sunday! Today I and a dance off which is like the competitions. Bobby was in the audience whaching the show. I did the same dances with my troupe that I did at the competitions. It was really fun. It was in the thearter where I do my dance conserts. It was a really fun day.       By Livinia

14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Bobby our Better Buddy Bear

  1. Livinia,
    I really loved reading about your holiday adventures with Bobby. It sounds like you had a great time together. I’m glad he was a good Buddy to you and thank you for taking such good care of him
    X Mrs Cosgrave

  2. Hi Livinia,
    Wow it sounds like you had a great holiday with bobby. It was really fun going bowling with you. Me and Holly think you did a great post good job keep it up.
    From Holly and Georgia.

  3. Hi Matt,
    I like your pictures of Bobby and you. My favorite picture is the one of bobby and the cup of milk and cookie. Did you go out anywhere?
    Thanks Emily

  4. Hi Matt

    Bobby looks like a lucky bear to me.
    Bobby mast be reall good at Xbox?
    I hope Bobby had a graet time at your house.


  5. Hi Matt,
    Your post is really good.
    Was it fun Bobby at Matt’s house?
    Nice to see Bobby having a good time.


  6. Hi,
    It looks like you had a nice time with Bobby and Bobby looked he looked like he had a nice time with you.

  7. Hi matt

    i liked bobby playing xbox how he beat you at soccer 5-0 and him playing on your sisters clarinet that was funny

  8. Hi Matt,
    I’m glad you and bobby had a wonderful time.
    Did bobby get into trouble after?
    You did a great job in the post.

    from Brisna

  9. Hi 3/4DC and Matt,
    Sounds like you and Bobby had lots of fun.
    Also sounds like the millk and cookies are yum!
    Hpe that Bobby had as much as fun as you did.


  10. Hi Matt,
    It looks like Bobby is having a lot of fun with you. Hopefully Bobby can show me his skills on the clarinet.


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